Why and how we do what we do!


We’re preparing items that are diabetic friendly, keto friendly, nut free, dairy-free and vegan. We use certified organic and high quality ingredients to deliver an experience of decadence.

Whether you have dietary restriction or an allergy yourself, have a child who does, or otherwise know someone who does, finding a suitable cookie or dessert can be hard. We recognize this concern for our customers and that is why we take care in our preparation and baking, so you can share these delightful goodies with your loved ones.

Who knows you may even become the hero for a bride or groom who thought their big day was going to be without cake!

We take every step we can to avoid cross-contamination by washing and sterilizing our equipment, utensils, and surfaces in between every use. Additionally, we will never prepare more than one type of product in the same space at the same time.


Started a low carb lifestyle (A.K.A. Keto)


Started to get tired of eating the same vegetable based. tasteless, bad mouth feel foods.


Learned that low carb could still taste great and wanted to share!

Retro Joey

Joey Northrop

The Baker

“Living a healthy lifestyle is the best decision one can ever make. But let’s face it, many of us, do miss our favorites, like cookies, cakes and other baked goodies.

Unfortunately much of the low carb, gluten free and even vegan options out there, leave our palates dissatisfied. Hence my mission to create healthy baked goodies that everyone can enjoy.”