Started a low carb lifestyle (A.K.A. Keto)


Started to get tired of eating the same vegetable based. tasteless, bad mouth feel foods.


Learned that low carb could still taste great and wanted to share!

Living a healthy lifestyle is the best decision one can ever make.  But let’s face it, many of us, do miss our favorites, like cookies, cakes and other baked goodies. 

Unfortunately much of the low carb, gluten free and even vegan options out there, leave our palates dissatisfied. Hence my mission to create healthy baked goodies that everyone can enjoy.

Joey Northrop


The Baker

Joey Northrop

Main Momma

I’m a wife, mother, and grandmother who loves to cook. My memories of the kitchen go back as far as age 3. I practically lived in my grandmother’s kitchen. Watching her cook, with my nose in the air trying to catch all the wonderful aromas floating around in the tiny room. Back then as a child a coat closet can seem large. Sometime later I visited as a teenager and couldn’t believe how we all fit in there.

I also got to help out in my parent’s restaurant when I was 12; both my parents are accomplished in the kitchen. I can remember folks would drive from towns an hour or so away just to have their gastronomical fix. It’s there where my love for cooking was born. But growing up in my house no one under the age of 13 was allowed near the stove or oven without proper supervision. I was so anxious to experiment with recipes. Unfortunately, when you have adult supervision you have adult input. Trying to experiment was not an easy task.


What I'm Whipping Up


Creating flavor combinations that allow you to indulge without guilt is my job and I love it.”

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What we make


What they say

So good you feel like you are being bad!

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Yummy in my tummy!
"We get to eat all the goodies that we used to, but without the fear of the pounds."

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